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Psychotropic Ink

Brand new expensive, rich-guy brand suit.........$2,500…

Psychotropic Ink


"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." ~ Denis Diderot

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Brand new expensive, rich-guy brand suit.........$2,500

Authentic WWII handgun, restored...................$5,000

Finally coming to grips with the fact that you fathered
a complete idiot who ruined the world..............Priceless

  • Haha.

  • I actually think GHWB is glad that GWB became president because it made GHWB's presidency look a whole lot better.
    • Hey, there's that, yeah. God knows that even I am looking back at Reagan/Bush and thining, "Hey, they were at least competent..."

      HW always tried to come across like a non-ideologue. he'd do what was necessary for the rich and powerful, but he wasn't a political zealot. But W -- or at least the people around W -- is/are.
  • you've been gone...

    we missed you.

    nice return. :)
    • Re: you've been gone...

      Thank you! I've been trying to keep up with my short friends list to see what everyone is up to.

      I suspect I might be posting more now. Someone should have told me there is no internet access atop the Himalayas before I spent 6 months there...
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