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  Uninsured and Proud I still have so far to go when it…

Psychotropic Ink


"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." ~ Denis Diderot

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  Uninsured and Proud

I still have so far to go when it comes to recognizing and looking out for the rights of poor, oppressed minority groups within our society.  The truth is, I'm not just insensitive -- when it comes to some groups, the idea of their even having rights never enters my mind!

Case in point -- I listen to the right wing nutbag Mike Gallagher about once a week, on the way in to work.  It starts my day off with, you know, that bad taste in my mouth that normal radio just can't achieve.  Incidentally, a few weeks back, it was Mike Gallagher who began talking about tshirts with "This is America -- Speak English" on them.  My resulting google search turned up the site that later produced my troll.  

It's a whole circle of life thing.

Regardless, yesterday, Mike was talking about the Terminator's plan out in California to start -- [cue menacing music] -- state health insurance.  Basically, it sounds like Arnie is proposing a variation on what Mitt Romney signed in Massachusetts, a plan that essentially mandates that people have health insurance just like they must have car insurance if they drive a car.  Businesses will face new requirements about carrynig health insurance for their employees, and the people that fall between the cracks will be able to find coverage as well.

Now, I can -- theoretically -- find fault in this kind of state plan.  But I never saw Mike Gallagher's criticism coming.  And that really makes me sad.  Worse, it demonstrates that I ignore the plight of some underrepresented insular factions.

Like, for instance... Oh, I don't know...


Seriously.  That was his argument.  Verbatim.  The people of California would be ignoring the wishes and rights of people who do not want to be covered by health insurance.  

Apparently, there are all kinds of folks running around out there who hold their right to untreated lockjaw very dearly.  If their right lung collapses, they don't want the option of seeking medical advice to correct it.

Are there more of these independent, insurance-averse rebels than there are, say, families who would like to treat their child's diabetes but lack the health insurance to do so?  More than there are families forced to declare bankruptcy due to medical bills?

I don't know -- that's really why I'm asking.  Because evidently, based on this excellent, excellent argument I heard, merely having the right to NOT seek medical attention is not good enough for these strange anti-coverage straw men.  They don't want to be covered.  

I'm simply asking a question here, not pointing fingers.  

Because I'm always on the lookout for new segments of rebels.  If having untreated flesh-eating bacteria is your thing, then hey, be my guest.  You could be at the forefront of the Next Great Civil Rights Movement.  Because I dream of a day when a man is not coerced by any government into having medical recourse when he becomes ill.  When we all save 25 cents of prevention and instead pay a million dollars cure when he shows up dying at the free clinic at taxpayers' expense.  Until that day arrives, none of us is free... Bastards.

This is America, after all...
  • Jerry for President!

    Mike Gallagher is clearly an utter fuckwit. I would like to push him down into a pile of dog poop. Loose dog poop.
    • Re: Jerry for President!

      Yep. Anytime I am intellectually pushed back into a corner where I find myself defending Arnie, something awful has happened.
  • I have a colon polyp in the shape of the mother Mary... it weeps puss in the presence of atheists and I don't want any insurance getting in the way of me and my malignant prophecy!
  • You know that they don't listen to US, except for their analysts - yes, analysts for the President who doesn't analyze anything, by his own admission - so why do you do that to yourself? Trying to keep a tab on Rightwing Thought? You know, fellow worker, that it's not really thought, or they wouldn't be this fucked up...

    Are you into genital torture too? Don't do that shit to yourself.
    • I know, I know.

      I try to shake my thinking up to keep me from falling into habits of thought. However, conservative radio thinking probably isn't the best way around to challenge myself.
      • They're indoctrinators. They're brownshirts moving through the crowd, stirring up that feeling of affirmation while the fucking fuhrer expounds from his podium. They're also a symptom of the deep-seated anti-intellectuality and thorough lack of autonomy of Americans.
  • not the governments role to provide insurance

    Hey Lawyer Boy - WOW are you living in a fantasy world.

    It's not the government's role to "insure" people.

    If you want to see what how quality a job a government can do with health insurance, talk to the Canadians who drive over the border, come to the same physician's office I visit. They will pay out of their own pocket rather than put themselves through the government program in Canada.

    The government can barely patch pot-holes let alone governmentalize health-care.

    It will not ever be successful.

    Lastly, you really need to learn what a troll is - I would happily insert my email address but there is nothing asking for one.
    • Re: not the governments role to provide insurance

      Hello there! Didn't see the comment thrown in while I was away.

      I'll grant you that it might not eb the government's role to insure people. However, the private sector is doing a poor job of it, and people need to be insured.

      I've heard varying reports about the auccess of the Canadian health care system. I do, however, have an uncle with MS who a) is a political conservative and b) moved to Canada for the health care. I throw in his political bent only because one's opinion of Canadian health care seems to often follow one's political opinions...

      I would hope, regardless, that the United States is able with health care, like with so much else, to rise above what some other countries manage if it were to pass national ehalth care.

      In the end, there will be some sort of universal ehalth care for Americans. The side of the masses will win in this case, and those of you out there who wish that the poor would simply die will be disappointed in this particular case.

      In general, I think that the middle class and poor are benig gradually driven down. However, there WILL be universal health care.

      As far as the troll thing goes... well, I don't know what to tell you. You're a sick person who has demonstrated by the wares your selling on cafepress that you are full of a kind of baseless hatred towards the poor and the powerless in our society.

      I could not care less if you're a troll. I do care that you're full of hatred, though.

      Go get help instead of trying to foist your hatred on the rest of us. Seriously: there's nothing wrong with admitting you're unhappy with yourself and projecting it onto the poor and the powerless. t doesn't make you bad. It just makes you sick...
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